Dear Donald
Dear Donald

Why Donald Trump Hates Jeff Bezos and Elon Musk

by Missy Conley about a year ago in trump

With a heavy dose of my opinion first...

Why Donald Trump Hates Jeff Bezos and Elon Musk

Really? Do you take us all for fools? Like we can't see that you and your pals are just so heavily invested in oil up to your eyelids that the last thing you want is for electric cars to make it here in the "United States?" United is the furthest thing from your mind. You wanted that title for one reason, and one reason only. MONEY. Did you not get enough hugs as a child? Was it that your family came from poverty and you decided once and for all that you were absolutely never going to live that way ever again? OR was it that POWER and CONTROL that you felt when you started succeeding after someone in your family, most likely your father, called you a failure for not being worth a f*ck?

Being who I am, I have nothing to lose by calling you out. So here's my opinion, enjoy the next eight months in office. Now that we have all seen you for what you really are and who and what you really care about, we can call you on your sh*t. You have lied about everything you ever said you were going to do to get the votes of naive older people who were still in "racist mode," and in fear and anger of immigrants coming to our country that "steal our jobs." You did all this while being married to an immigrant who became the FIRST LADY of our country. It's not that I have a problem with this, it's to remind people that you have double standards. It's okay for YOUR family to have immigrated here back in 1892, but no one else is allowed to. Oh I see....

Moving forward, you have bashed women, dis-empowered them, and even used your connections in "high" places to turn things on them and now the women that you allegedly had sex with owe you money? This is just another loophole in the system that needs exposed. There has to be evidence against you SOMEWHERE and I wholeheartedly invite that person to come forward. You will know when the time is right because you will be compelled to do so. You won't be able to live with yourself any longer until you clear your conscious.

And finally we come to the reason I decided to write this article. Electric cars and new energy are the things of Trump's worst nightmares. Donald Trump is kept up at night pacing the halls about losing EVERYTHING he has ever built to the actions of the two men below. These men that represent a real life version of Iron Man more than I have ever seen before in my life. They have become billionaires in legit, honest ways, and yet the media still portrays these two men as criminals.

I guess if I stood to lose everything because of the work of two heart-centered billionaires who use their money to help the whole of humanity, I would be having nightmares as well. I'm afraid the gig is up and I just don't believe any of the headlines as I pass televisions in bars, or restaurants. I don't read new articles that lead me to believe what they want me to believe. It's bent so badly in their favor, you can't even trust any of it anyway.

The sooner these two superpowers, Jeff Bezos & Elon Musk, team up and work together, the better. Meanwhile, Mr. Trump, I would begin secretly shifting all of my stocks over to new energy, electric cars, and cannabis stock. If you don't have the balls to free the way for the new age, the next president will.

I just think you just said the words,"YOU'RE FIRED," to too many people.

Tony Stark #1 - Jeff Bezos, owner of Amazon

Jeff Bezos has just purchased 3,200 satellites to give the whole world access to the internet, which means equal opportunity to prosperity for everyone on the planet.

Tony Stark #2 - Elon Musk, owner of Tesla

Elon Musk announced on January 31 that he was releasing all patents for the creation of his electric motors, so that anyone can have access to the technology. Like say, Ford, or Chevrolet, in good faith of course.

The second company that he was involved with alongside his father, right here in my own hometown of Cincinnati, Ohio, was sued for racial discrimination in 1969. The list goes on and on. This, ladies and gentlemen, is our great president of the United States of America. Please do your research before going out to vote this year.

Missy Conley
Missy Conley
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