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Bongs:Top Trending CBD Pipes

by jamesmith 2 years ago in product review

CBD Pipes

Bongs are example of CBD pipes which are usually considered as water pipes and this is because of the way they function. Smoke is first passed through water which helps in cooling and also filtering the smoke before it is inhaled. This is a different from bubblers which are designed for the palm. Bongs are larger and are best used on tabletop. A wide range of materials are used in making bongs. It can be made from plastic, wood, grass and even from bamboo.

It is important to note that even though the bong may seem to be larger, the work in the same way as most smoking devices work. Bongs have a containing vessel for dry herbs, and also a mouthpiece through which the smoke is inhaled. There is also a stem that connects the mouthpiece and the containing vessel. In addition to these parts, it also contains a chamber for water. Overall, the parts of the bong include the bowl, the slide, the carb, the down stem, the mouthpiece, the stem and the water chamber, all of which have their own unique functions.

You might probably be wondering how to use a bong. Here’s an overview of how to use this.

Bongs are generally used to smoke CBD products like flower, buds and in some cases, they are used for marijuana. The first thing to do is to fill the water chamber with sufficient water such that the down stem from the bowl is covered. It is important to note the smoke will not be filtered if the water is not sufficient. In cases where the bong has a percolator, it is important to fill the bong to a level that is below the percolator so that there is a space for air between the water and the percolator.

The next thing is to fill the bowl with CBD flower or your desired product. Ensure that the product you fill in has been broken down to your desired consistency. You can make use of either a grinder or your hand to achieve this consistency. A finer grind will give a robust smoke. However, do not overfill the bowl.

You are ready to smoke once you have filled the bowl with your desired product. If your bong has a carb, place your thumb over it. However, for larger bongs, you might need to use your hands to support it on a table or the floor. Inhale the CBD product from the pipe as you light it with the help of a hemp wick, a match or a lighter. Remove the flame as soon as the dry herb gets lit. The bong will get filled with flame when you inhale and you will feel the comfort of the smoke. Continue inhale the clear smoke while you remove your hand from the carb. There are some bongs that do not have a carb. That is nothing to worry about, all you have to do is to pull out the slide after filling the bong and also hold it as you slowly inhale the smoke. Replace the slide when you are done inhaling.

Take out the lit if the herb still has it. You can also light the lit anytime it goes out. Tap out every ash because this would make it difficult for the herb to stay lit and might make your smoking experience to be unpleasant. There are many ways to enjoy using the bong and there are also of different types. You can find out more about these bongs and all they offer from thedrugstore.com.

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