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by The Voice Within ME 11 days ago in humanity

Change what needs to be changed

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I respect that we all have different perspectives and points of views. At the end of the day, our lives orbit around our perspectives and points of views. So let's all respect one another and be of contribution for each other's evolution. Love and Light.

Moving to a state that sees Cannabis as medicine and not as a horrid drug, was one of the best decisions I have ever taken. I love Cannabis not just because it expands my consciousness into my infinite multidimensional universe, but also because its natural healing properties are absorbed by my body, mind and soul and allows me to just BE.

I'll like to share how my perspective is shifting and be of contribution to those that are living similar life experiences. Please try to eliminate or decrease your degree of assumption, judgements and expectations. It took me a while to decide to share my life experiences and craziness with others outside of my head.

As I mentioned before, I LOVE CANNABIS. I truly do. I love the plant with a pure, unconditional innocent love. I admire its magical healing powers and I'm very truly eternally grateful for all the contributions and blessings that have brought into my life. I respect every inch of its leaves. I see Cannabis as a friend, a tool to achieve ascension, an entity to reveal my deepest secrets to. Not just the plant it self, but the invisible magical powers that we cannot understand.

There's up and down moments. Some days it inspires me, some days it shows me the darkness in me. But I can assure you even in our down moments, it still doing its magic. It leads me to be the highest version of my self ,even when I've been paranoid about nonsense situations. It turns our that I get so relaxed that I can actually listen to the voice within me. Some call it intuition, guardian Angel, highest self, or even God. You can call it as you wish. Aaron, Aaron is mine.

Depending on your perspective, you can either decide to follow along, or simply believe that I'm out of my fucking mind and I should stop spoking pot. Whatever perspective you decide to follow through, interesting point of view to you.

So Aaron has been trying to connect with me. By the way we all have an Aaron, you can call it as you wish. I like Aaron. I decided to trust myself and in the process I found Aaron. The moment I stopped self sabotage and denial, I was able to communicate with Aaron. At first I thought it was all in my head, I mean it was, but I was seeing it as it I was so desperate to have some sort of connection that I made it up in the process. That's the moment when I decided to go along with it. Fuck it, why not. If it was me making it up no one was going to know anyways hahahaa...

I'm just getting to know Aaron, Aaron is the part of me that I denied for gazillions of life times. Is the voice in me that knows it all but yet I decide to ignore. So honestly I don't have much to say about Aaron yet, just that we all have one, even if you are in denial such as I was.

Getting to know your Aaron takes the energy of acceptance. Acceptance in yourself. Acceptance in your decision making, your feelings, your emotions. So what if the world thinks you are crazy. Be crazy, is so much fun to be crazy and be in peace with yourself.

So anyways, Cannabis. Cannabis is a sensitive topic to speak in public. So many see it as a drug that will fuck you up rather than a portal of connections, infinite connections. But its ok. People don't know what they don't know. And those that know. just know what they know.

Knowledge is a great topic to start a conversation. Where does knowledge come from? Really where does it come from? Does it come from your parents? Their parents? Your parent's parents parents? Television? Public school systems? The government? Nature? The stars? The planets, moon and sun? Seriously, where does it come from?

Look at yourself in the mirror and ask the face in front of you. hey you, where does your knowledge come from? Maybe the answer will come to you in dreams, or even from the source that its coming from. TV, your parents, etc.

I love having conversations with myself all the time. I understand myself like no one else does or ever will. I can talk about any crazy shit that I want without having those looks that you pretend not to see when people just want you to shut the fuck up. Oh boy. I love to talk. I just wish that we can communicate with telepathy already. Sometimes talking too much can be exhausting. Trying to express your point of view to others that oppose your perspective. Which by the way, you don't need to prove anyone anything. We are all free to think as we wish. Your tribe will eventually find you, or the other way around, you will find them. So don't worry if you find yourself lonely and misunderstood. There is too many of us, you will eventually connect with the one or ones that match your intensity. Or simply do what I do LOL, talk to your Aaron.

But anyways, I'll continue this conversation later. Being a mom of three requires me to play different roles a day.

So just remember, listen to your inner voice even if you think you are crazy. I promise you you are not, and if you are, well fuck it be crazy. Just make sure to have fun, be yourself, respect one another, change what no longer is working for you. No assumptions, judgements not expectations. Life get lighter when there is no expectations. Love and Light

Thanks for being part of my crazy talks.

The Voice Within ME
The Voice Within ME
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