You Lied...

by Alicia Del Re 2 years ago in heartbreak

How could you do this to me?

You Lied...

You said a lot of things

You said we would but we never did

You said you cared about me but were never there

You said you wanted me but never got me

You said nothing would affect us but then things did.

You said you really liked me but let me stay free

You said you deserved me but pushed me away

You said I was different but treated me the same

You said I would be your girlfriend but you lied straight to my face.

You lied and tore me apart

You lied and made me strong

You lied and had me open my brown eyes

You lied and showed that I was right.

Alicia Del Re
Alicia Del Re
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Alicia Del Re

I am a fourth year English student who wants to pursue a career in Journalism. I love reading and writing because it allows me to escape reality and enter another world inside my mind.

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