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You Don’t Know Anything

by Gabriela Coelho 3 years ago in social commentary
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About Me

Photo by Ben White

I'm sorry you think that you're always right

But please tell me did you fact check your


Why can't you just see

I'm not the monster here

You only listen to what they have to say

About me

I'm not a liar

I'm not rude

I'm not a monster

But I guess I am to you

Watch watch as they flutter with their rumors about us

“she lies" "she's a bully"

But you've never talked to me

How would you even know


Anything about me.

Thank you for reading my poem, there’s more where that came from, if you enjoyed this poem and my other ones and would like to support please consider donating a tip down below. 🙂

social commentary

About the author

Gabriela Coelho

Posting new poems twice a week😁

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