Gabriela Coelho

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I Don’t Want to Be Human
7 days ago
I don't wanna be human like you I don't wanna be small like you I don't want to be that weak The problem is we're all born human We live we die We don't do much You can try to help others in your life...
You Don’t Know Anything
10 days ago
I'm sorry you think that you're always right But please tell me did you fact check your Allegations Why can't you just see I'm not the monster here You only listen to what they have to say About me I'...
11 days ago
Sitting in a room looking out, seeing nothing but white Empty, alone, yet never alone with all these thoughts never alone with all these regrets and fears Listening to a soft song with sad lyrics Usin...
Until the Sun Gives Out
11 days ago
What if the sun didn’t rise today What if we didn't wake up today What if we fell asleep And fell into a place A place for the dead What if we couldn't love What would happen if we couldn't love anyth...
Set Me Free
11 days ago
You wanna be pretty You wanna be hot You wanna be smart And believe me, you're not You wanna be funny You wanna be kind You wanna be loved But there’s too much racing in your mind Like why am I alive ...
13 days ago
So many things to say But no voice to say it So many thoughts running through my head But no one to hear it New ideas tossed into old views Always pushed aside All eaten up by the way you used to thin...