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You are the most beautiful universe

Wild, but captive

By Valentina SavagePublished 9 months ago โ€ข 2 min read

You are beautiful like a colorful butterfly dodging the midnight rain under a palm leaf.

Nature will often have had to protect you,

but never like me,

the rain makes the plant grow, with the water of the rain

You escape the rain under the creature she built

Isn't it the proof you're the most wanderfull wonderland the earth ever created

Tattooed with moles in a pretty glow,

How pretty... Can't you see?

It's like you got stardust in the firmament of your face

love cannot be explained by astronomy,

but even the beauty of the universe is reflected in your sweet face

Wild but captive, a seat you never bought.

You would like to hold anyone's hand, but no one can touch you.

Wild on your own, clandestine.

But never captive to your will

Can we really lock you up, for loving me too much

And I love you, even if he chains me up,

I will keep stealing for you

A black sun is the arsonist of your dreams: the truth.

You seek good in evil, evil in good.

A tape spins in your mind... "Who is he?"

What if I was part of the culprit of your bad dreams?

Am I just a distant vision of the next parting?

And if it was the opposite ?

Don't forget honey, I can read you.

If they hurt you, there will be hurt.

I send you a thousand kisses of butterflies.

Whether it's here or somewhere else, I'll always find you

My soul vibrates for yours,

And even imprisoned, I can feel that you are close,

You are not my accomplice,

I complicated everything by wanting more for you

I won't be imprisoned for long,

In the meantime, don't speak, your beauty speaks for itself,

How to lock me up for wanting to protect you, to give you more

I could never bear to see you in a puddle of rubies, your face an emerald hue...

I never want to see you death because of my madness.

I never want to see those colour on you,

Unless I stole them for you

-your favorite criminal

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About the Creator

Valentina Savage

I like disaster stories. Naughty, strange, or romantic. Read me and subscrive. Thank you!

Valentina Savage x

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  • Alfonse Battistelli9 months ago

    You are a rare bird.

  • Great Lines inside this wonderful piece๐Ÿ’– Good Job With your Penmanship ๐Ÿ“โ—

  • Brenton F9 months ago

    Truly and sublimely beautiful, full of a rich bounty of words crafted by the soul! So well done, so very well done indeed!

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