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Yet Still I'm Fine...

by Michael Blanco 2 years ago in surreal poetry
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By Michael Blanco

Dark and cold and damp and eerie

Gloom and fear and sorrow near me

A wicked tree in the light of the moon

I walk alone to a silent tune

Yet still I'm fine

There before me a path of shadows

Leading through the winding meadows

Then broken streets and lonely ghettos

To distant lands and ancient pharaohs

Yet still I'm fine

Across the barren lands and further still

To ice and snow and a cold dark chill

A wretched walk that I must take

Past things of gloom and filled with hate

Yet still I'm fine

Beyond strange beasts who's eyes are blind

And are of rage that once where kind

Into places I will find

Where thoughts betray me and warp my mind

Yet still I'm fine

And now the day and now the sun

And now at last my walk is done

And now with others I'm not alone

Peace of mind for I am home

Yet still I'm fine...

surreal poetry

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Michael Blanco

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