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Yeah, See Once Upon a Time


By Isis Lyons Published 12 months ago 1 min read
Yeah, See Once Upon a Time
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Yeah, See, once upon a time,

I was screaming for you to love me

I wanted you to put me above

All your insecurities,

Why don’t you love me for me

I didn’t know love came with a fee

You kept trying to change me

You never wanted me

You only want the idea of me

Man, it’s so hard to see

Through these flowing tears

I feel like getting over you may take years

Because the thought of losing you

It still leaves a bruise

Knowing I have to screw you

Just To see you

That shit hurts

Because you were my best friend

I loved you more than anythin

I loved you more than myself

All that came to a end

I thought you felt the same.

Swear feeling like this puts me to shame.

I feel so lame.

Feel like I’m to blame.

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