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A Tall Tale

Our love was a fantasy.

By Isis Lyons Published 12 months ago 1 min read
A Tall Tale
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This was my flaw,

I fall in love so fast,

I hope we last.

I am sure we won't last.

You ruin all that you grab.

You used me like a tab.

This was my flaw,

"All are good."

"Some were hurt."

"They just need to heal."

I was told a lie.

"All are good."

"They just don't have true care."

I say that is not fair.

I made our love story a tall tale,

When it was made to fail.

The bad are the bad,

The pure are the pure.

You can't make mold into a meal.

You can't turn a snake into a bunny.

This is my power.

"I know who you are."

"You are not able to hurt me the same way you did in the past."

"If you try one more time, you won't get very far."

"No more you and I."

"I'm gone and I say bye."

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Isis Lyons

I am extremely passionate about all things writing. If you enjoy any of my stories please stay tuned and subscribe. I would really appreciate it.

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