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Writer's Block

by Sarah Loyd 2 months ago in surreal poetry / inspirational

I couldn't think of what to write, I wrote a poem about writer's block

Here we go again

A classic case of writer's block

The words are in my head

Caged in by a lock


Here we go again

No ideas for me

I should have one by now

But the lock has no key


Where has my mind gone

Can it tell me what to do

There's a story to tell

A tale fresh and new


Maybe, I'll spit a rhyme

Maybe, it's a catchy tune

But there is no song

I hope it comes soon


Until then, I try to think

Of something I can write

My pen's at hand

But there's nothing on site


So here I sit

Having writer's block

Here I go again

Just staring at the clock


Tick, Tick, Tick


Tick, Tick, Tick

Still... nothing

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Sarah Loyd

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Sarah Loyd
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