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The Fear of Change

by Sarah Loyd 4 months ago in inspirational

Change is good, and yet I'm afraid

I sense a change

Blowing in the wind

Do I welcome it, no

Fear has done me in

The trees invite me

To climb to new heights

I take one step

Then fall with fright

The mountains say come

Your journey is waiting

But I tell him, no

I don't need saving

I can't stay the same

I know I must grow

But when the seasons change

I sink down low

So low I'm buried deep

A giant hole keeps me

Keeps me from growing

Into a blossoming tree

Change is good

Change is inevitable

Yet here I stand

Feeling vulnerable

I must cut my roots

I must leave the nest

Change is for the better

Only then, I'll be the best


Sarah Loyd

I love movies, music, TV, and all things entertaining. Follow me on Twitter @musicl0v3 and on Mix https://mix.com/sarahloyd You can also find me on Pintrest @sloydmarie

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Sarah Loyd
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