Worthy Stars

by Ecarg Nosive 9 months ago in love poems

Not Who You Are

Worthy Stars

I look up to the sky and see the stars

I can’t help but wonder where you are

This night is actually very far

From when we used to hold each other in our arms

Are you with the one you love?

Do you ever stop to think about us?

Why something about you wasn’t enough?

Why you ever stopped the feeling of touch?

Do you look up at the same sky above?

Do the memories ever get too much?

Sometimes I think of the nights it got rough

How we could probably get through them now but time wasn’t for us

Do you ever laugh at the fact that I’m still alone?

That I choose to have no one to hold

Because the hole that you made in my heart

Is waiting to be filled by worthy stars

Despite all our faults

I believe we learned more lessons while apart

When you look at the night sky

There’s now a twinkle in your eye

You’re where you’re supposed to be

I’m on the right ride

When we realized

We were never supposed to be

The stars finally aligned

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