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World of Endless Possibilities

Dreams and Imagination

By Mutahir AhsanPublished about a year ago 1 min read

In the world of dreams and imagination,

The impossible becomes the sensation,

A place where we can fly and soar,

Where anything we want is in store.

The canvas of our mind, a work of art,

A tapestry of colors, we play our part,

With each brush stroke, we create anew,

A world of endless possibilities, so true.

In the realm of our imagination,

We can be anything, without limitation,

A hero, a queen, a wizard, a knight,

The world is ours, and it's always bright.

For dreams are the seed of our reality,

The visions that shape our destiny,

The hope that keeps our hearts alive,

And the reason why we strive and thrive.

So let us embrace our dreams and imagination,

For they are the key to our liberation,

A place where anything is possible,

And the world is always beautiful.

Let us dare to dream big and wide,

To let our imagination take us for a ride,

For in the realm of our dreams, we find,

The power to unleash the extraordinary in our mind.

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    MAWritten by Mutahir Ahsan

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