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Memories and Nostalgia

By Mutahir AhsanPublished about a year ago 1 min read

In the stillness of the night,

As I lay down to rest,

Memories come flooding back,

Of moments I love the best.

The sound of laughter, so pure and true,

The warmth of a loving embrace,

The smell of a home-cooked meal,

And the joy of a childhood place.

The memories of love, that once was,

And the friends who stood by my side,

The sound of their voices, the sight of their faces,

Forever in my heart, they abide.

I reminisce of the times gone by,

Of the moments that made me smile,

Of the tears I shed, the lessons I learned,

And the journey of many a mile.

For memories are like a treasure trove,

A legacy that we leave behind,

A reminder of the life we lived,

And the joys and sorrows we find.

So I embrace the memories,

Of the past that I hold dear,

For they remind me of the life I've lived,

And the love that's always near.

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    MAWritten by Mutahir Ahsan

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