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Work is Life

Embracing the Dance of Duty and Dreams

By Maribel GolosinoPublished about a month ago 3 min read

In the heart of every dawn, when the world still slumbers, there is a rhythm that begins to play. The soft hum of life awakening, a silent symphony of purpose and motion. Work, in its many forms, is not merely a task or an obligation; it is the essence of our existence, the canvas upon which we paint our lives.

Work is life, and life is work,

In the quiet whispers of morning’s first light,

Where dreams and duties intertwine,

Each breath a step, each step a climb.

To labor is to live, to breathe,

The sweat upon our brows, the fire in our veins,

Each challenge a call, each call a chance,

To shape the world with our hands, our hearts.

In fields where the golden grains sway,

Under the sun’s watchful gaze,

The farmer toils with love and grace,

His hands, the earth, an intimate embrace.

The carpenter, with saw and plane,

Crafts wood into forms both strong and fair,

Each cut a testament to time and skill,

A legacy carved, a dream fulfilled.

In bustling cities, where the streets hum,

The pulse of commerce, the dance of trade,

The merchant’s voice, a guiding drum,

In the marketplace, where fortunes are made.

The teacher, in her quiet room,

Inspires minds, young and eager,

With words that bloom, with lessons learned,

She sows the seeds of tomorrow’s leaders.

From the artist’s brush to the writer’s pen,

In every stroke, a world revealed,

A tapestry of thought and ken,

In colors bright, in stories sealed.

Work is the song of the human spirit,

A melody that echoes through the ages,

In every heart, a verse, a lyric,

A testament inscribed on life’s pages.

For work is not just toil and sweat,

But passion’s fire, a spark divine,

In every challenge, in every threat,

An opportunity to rise, to shine.

The doctor, with his healing hands,

Mends the broken, soothes the pain,

In sterile rooms where hope expands,

A life renewed, a breath regained.

In every corner of the globe,

From arid deserts to icy peaks,

Work is the thread that weaves our robes,

A story in each wrinkle, each crease.

The miner, deep beneath the earth,

Braves the dark for precious ore,

In every haul, a testament to worth,

In every gem, a light to adore.

In the realm of ideas and dreams,

The inventor’s mind, a fertile ground,

Where innovation flows in streams,

And future’s form is shaped and found.

Work is life, and life is work,

In the factory’s hum, in the scholar’s quest,

In every duty we undertake,

We seek to give our very best.

The parent, in the home’s embrace,

Nurtures love, instills values true,

In every smile, in every trace,

A legacy that will ensue.

Through the storms and through the calm,

In every season, night and day,

Work is the balm, the soothing psalm,

That guides us on our chosen way.

In every job, in every role,

There lies a purpose, a deeper goal,

To find our place, to play our part,

With diligent hands and a loving heart.

So let us celebrate this sacred dance,

Of work and life, of chance and fate,

In every effort, a second chance,

To build, to grow, to innovate.

For in the end, when twilight falls,

And we reflect on paths we've trod,

It is our work that answers calls,

That shapes our journey, our gift from God.

Work is life, a truth profound,

In every heart, a beating sound,

A harmony that binds us all,

In every rise, in every fall.

So embrace the labor, embrace the strife,

For in our work, we find our life,

In every task, in every strive,

We live, we love, we come alive.

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Maribel Golosino

I'm a storyteller who crafts engaging narratives, bringing characters and worlds to life through words. I blend creativity with insight to captivate and inspire audiences, making each story a unique journey.

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  • Esala Gunathilakeabout a month ago

    Congratulations on your first poetry on Vocal. Liked it. I subscribed you to read your future works and if you wish you can subscribe me as well. 🥰🥰🥰

Maribel GolosinoWritten by Maribel Golosino

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