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Without You

by Christian Koller about a month ago in love poems

A poem a day: Day 9

Who would I be without you?

Just a person floating through the world?

What purpose would there be without you?

How would my life unfurl?

I could look to do everything there was to do.

I could try to be everything I’d heard of.

But it’d all be empty without you.

It’d all be just out of reach, just out of love.

So, who could I be without you?

Would I be a person at all?

What would I believe without you?

My life, up against a wall.

There’d only be the entirety

of everything else that exists.

And I know it would never be enough,

because it could never replace this.

So, who would I be without you?

Surely, a person floating through time.

And my purpose, my essence, my soul, my love

would be lost for all my life.

love poems
Christian Koller
Christian Koller
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