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The Black Hole

by Christian Koller about a month ago in surreal poetry

A poem a day: Day 8

I had a dream a few years ago.

In the sky was a black hole, surrounded by bright purple light.

The sky was dark grey.

Everyone in the world was looking for their loved ones.

I looked for mine.

Everywhere, there was water flooding the land, ankle deep.

Something to do with the gravity.

There were no clouds.

I took a car and drove to the first place I can remember in my life.

This little apartment. Two bedrooms.

There was a time I had looked out the back sliding glass door, so young and naked.

I met all my loved ones in the yard of that apartment.

Somehow we had all come together.

We all looked up at the sky.

I can’t remember if we were sad at what was coming, or accepted it, or if all of it was just melancholy.

Perhaps we were just glad to be together.

I looked around at my loved ones.

I looked at the looming black hole in the sky.

I looked at the bright purple light unable to escape the darkness.

I felt the water at my ankles.

For some reason, I really liked this dream.

surreal poetry
Christian Koller
Christian Koller
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