Wild thing

Never capture what you can't truly control

Wild thing

Silence was my only option.

For so long, silence and I had become companions in your shadow.

He and I traded secrets and plans as you made me speak to him.

I know it pisses you off to think you handed me the knife.

I know how confused you are.

I was so unbelievably obedient.

So willing to let you lead.

But you trapped me, a lion in a cage.

You poked me and prodded me and I never roared because I knew it would hurt more.

I just wanted out so I could eat you alive.

The locks came loose on the day you made yourself a victim, after lashing out at me again. It felt too much like when you captured me and I shook the pen apart.

It was then I remembered what beasts like me could do.

I’ll wipe my mouth with a piece of your shirt when they ask me where you went.

I was never meant for a cage and we were never meant to be friends.

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Savannah Deianira Lewis
Savannah Deianira Lewis
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Savannah Deianira Lewis
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