Human Nature

The girl- more nature than human

Human Nature

I have not seen my home in a long time,

My cathedral made of pine and oak,

My castle where I could point my crooked sword at soldiers made of twisted limbs,

And win every time,

I have not smelled my home in a long time,

Not the crisp leaves on my beautiful ballroom floor,

Not the ice of my winter fortress I spent hours daydreaming in,

Not the petrichor on summer days when my country is created of crystal droplets, enlarging the veins on wildflowers.

I have not tasted the food of my home in a long time,

Have not shared the sweet nectar of clovers with my trusted companions-the bumble bees,

Have not relished in the savory taste of onion weed,

Have not let the flakes of snow dance of my tongue,

I have not touched my home in a long time,

I have not felt the satin of trilliums in my hands, my own personal bouquet,

I have not felt the pricks of thorns in my arm, after trying a secret passage to an unknown part of my realm,

I have not felt my roof made of leaves and branches shake off the afternoon storms onto my head

I have not heard my home in a long time,

The whispers of the fae in my ear,

The song of mourning doves,

The scurry of small creatures who stop to realize I belong there as much as they do,

I wonder if they sit and wonder about where I went,

The girl-more nature than human.

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Savannah Deianira Lewis
Savannah Deianira Lewis
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