A prayer that we become just as dangerous


I hope you see the venom on his crooked teeth before he poisons you like me,

He does not understand that he is venomous,

So when he tells you poison won’t sweep through your fragile veins,

He is convincing,

He is naive of his own toxicity,

Monsters never know what they are,

Never look in the mirrors they’ve broken to witness fangs protruding from their maws,

It is evolution for luring prey,

But you and I will evolve just the same,

No one, not Darwin or creationists will deny that for us,

But instead of growing deer like haunches,

For hungry beasts to chase,

I hope blood shoots from our eye sockets,

Instead of fingertips on mace,

I hope our skin and hair becomes the warning hue of electric blue,

I beg that we become violent too.

nature poetry
Savannah Deianira Lewis
Savannah Deianira Lewis
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Savannah Deianira Lewis
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