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Why can’t I…

just try?

By Hillery D. KeeferPublished about a month ago 1 min read
Why can’t I…
Photo by engin akyurt on Unsplash

I want to die

It’s what I think the most about

But I’m afraid

I’ll survive

Or I’ll hurt someone else

I could slit my wrists

But then my kids would find me

In a bathtub full of blood

And be traumatised

I could take cyanide

(Can I make cyanide?)

But if I survive

Life would be worse

I could hang myself

Where do I get the rope?

How do I tie the knot?

Where do I hang where no one will find me?

I could jump of the roof at work

It’s high enough

But when they find my gnarled body?

And if I don’t die?

I could take all my pills

But probably end up

Throwing up

Getting my stomach pumped

I could drive into oncoming traffic

But I would kill

The other driver

And in all these cases

If I don’t die

I’ll end up in the psychiatric ward

And who would miss me?

My kids


My mom

My brother

But could I please just die?


Can I learn to value my own life

And stop all this suffering inside?

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About the Creator

Hillery D. Keefer

Hi! ^_^

My name is Hillery, with an 'e.' Nice to meet you. I'm new here but I've been writing poetry and flash fiction since I was a child. I like to write in the way that I think, so I guess it's kind of stream-of-consciousness at times.

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Comments (1)

  • Crysta Coburn27 days ago

    I would miss you!

Hillery D. KeeferWritten by Hillery D. Keefer

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