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"Whispers of Rain"

"Whispers of Rain"

By BUSHRA TANVIRPublished about a year ago 1 min read

Hear the melody of falling rain,

Whispering secrets, trying to explain.

A precious gift from the divine above,

A reward for your deeds, pure and of love.

Each droplet descends, not in vain,

Reviving your weary soul from strain.

Let go of memories that cause you pain,

Embrace the blessings you have attained.

In this beautiful life, be content,

You're destined to triumph and ascent.

The raindrops carry a message profound,

A reminder to seek joy all around.

Open your heart, let the raindrops speak,

Their soothing rhythm, a language unique.

Find solace in the storm's gentle voice,

Rejoice in its song, it's your inner choice.

Listen to the sound, let it inspire,

A symphony of hope that will never tire.

In every raindrop, a tale to explore,

Embrace its wisdom, forevermore.


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