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Prayer is a Transformative Practice

Prayer is a transformative practice

By BUSHRA TANVIRPublished about a year ago 1 min read

In the realm of sacred grace, where spirits soar,

A prayer takes flight, its essence to explore.

Transformative practice, connecting hearts,

To their Lord, a communion that imparts.

Through the veils of existence, souls ascend,

A channel of communication, we transcend.

Expressing thoughts and desires untold,

In whispers hushed, emotions unfold.

Guidance sought, in moments of despair,

Prayer's gentle touch, a solace rare.

Faith enlivened, strengthened by each plea,

A bridge to the divine, a path to see.

In the depths of silence, peace takes hold,

Serenity, a treasure, profound and bold.

Invitation to surrender, with humbled grace,

Open to wisdom, the divine embrace.

Unconditional love, in prayer's embrace,

Fills the heart's chambers, leaving no trace,

Of doubt or fear, for in prayer we find,

A love eternal, forever intertwined.

Beyond religious borders, a universal call,

Prayer unites humanity, one and all.

A powerful tool, in each soul's reach,

To connect with the divine, wisdom to teach.

Through prayer's gentle whispers, we unfurl,

A deeper understanding of our own pearl,

In the vast tapestry of existence, we see,

Our place in the world, and all that could be.

So let us bow our heads, and close our eyes,

In prayer's sacred embrace, let our spirits rise.

For in these moments, we find solace and light,

Guided by faith, in the day and through the night.


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