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Whispers in the Twilight

A Symphony of Longing

By Spark to ShinePublished 3 months ago 2 min read
Whispers in the Twilight
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"Echoes of Absence"

In the hush of twilight's tender grace,

I find myself in a silent space.

A symphony of memories, bittersweet,

Echoes of your laughter, our hearts did meet.

Verses of Longing

Moonlight weaves a tapestry above,

As I yearn for the warmth of your love.

Stars, like whispers, tell tales untold,

Of the empty nights in your absence, unfold.

In the garden of dreams where we used to roam,

Petals of your presence, now scattered, alone.

The echo of your footsteps lingers near,

Yet you're distant, a mirage, crystal clear.

Yearning in the Silence

The wind carries whispers of your name,

A haunting melody, a heartache to claim.

I trace constellations in the night sky,

Searching for your gaze, a reason why.

Silhouettes of moments etched in the air,

I find solace in the fragments we used to share.

The echo of your laughter, a ghostly song,

In the symphony of longing, where I belong.

The Dance of Memories

Footprints fade on the shores of the past,

A dance of memories, too beautiful to last.

Your absence, a void in the canvas of time,

Yet the resonance of your love, sublime.

Gazing at horizons where the sunsets bleed,

I feel the ache of your absence, a profound need.

But in the silence, where echoes softly play,

I find your essence, not far away.


Thank you for wandering through this heartfelt rhyme,

Where echoes of absence chime.

If these words struck a chord within your soul,

Leave your insights, let the emotions unroll.

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Thank you for reading!

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  • Naveed 3 months ago

    Another great poem ❤💓👌👍

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