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by Dawn Earnshaw 6 months ago in love poems · updated 4 months ago
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Hearing in the breeze.

Beautiful smell.

Taint as the view laid by grace shall l see, forever in the fields beyond. As warm as the love you remember of me, as a nightingale chorus her song. faintly, so faintly as blushing pink rose, of spiralling carousel blue, as ribbons would gently carress any breeze as gently would l caress you.

Your skin orange-olive, with brush strokes of sunlight, stretched naked so softer than fur, vibrantly peaceful your breath draws my lips. I kiss you.

Asleep in your afternoon haze. A belonging beside you smile sweeps me, reminiscing, moments of bygone sky, larking in fun clouds; blissfully skipping, hands held, a giddy serenade, a fireside smile softy sweeps me, reminiscing, moments from by gone days .Oh boy, I leave you out a rose, red for passion, for anger for alert for love for fury you left me. You promised me on your death bed to always stand by me if I bore you a Son and what a fine mighty one we did won.

You kept your promise as the veil becomes thinner but your more of a nuisance now than when you were tith here.

love poems

About the author

Dawn Earnshaw

Loves writing short stories and poems - learning punctuation and Grammar.ADHD

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