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Whispering Peonies Of Graceful Allure?

What is she all about?

By DaphsamPublished 22 days ago 1 min read
Nightcafe by Daphsam

She walks with whispering grace,

like a peony swaying in the summer breeze,

leaving silky pink petals in its wake


Her serene blooms

are as captivating as

a glowing bride’s


Floating elegance

in every step

Intoxicating sweet fragrances

for all to inhale


Heads pivot,

eyes all agape,

a hiss of breath intake


Echoes of longing

dance along the concrete canvas

of need, envy, want


A saucy smirk from her plush lips,

a wicked twinkle from her chestnut orbs,

impish glances


Oh, how she loved to be adored!


Too bad

her enchanting

allure was

a façade

to all who

knew her

all too well


C'est dommage

French for “It’s a shame”

slam poetryEkphrastic

About the Creator


Loving Wife, Mom, Dog Mom- A Dyslexic dreamer who never thought I could read or write. But life changed, and I conquered my fears. I am an artist, photographer, wordsmith and illustrator. Looking to weave stories and poems with my artwork.

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Comments (11)

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  • Andrea Corwin 8 days ago

    très bien, mon amie qui écrit.

  • Grz Colm19 days ago

    Excellent poem with fine imagery, Daphne. I expect these people are pretty common as a way of dealing with their baggage. Have a great day ! 😊👍

  • Beautifully written with such a deep and intricate message. This is one of your best works!!! I love the photo!

  • Thavien Yliaster21 days ago

    Reminds me about how people deemed to be attractive that receive a lot of attention have it easier to use people as an attention resource, as they're almost never out of admirers.

  • Very cleverly crafted - Message is spot on 🤍

  • L.C. Schäfer22 days ago

    Like many others l expect, l clicked on this because of that amazing picture. It didn't disappoint!

  • Love the image, so perfect for the words you gave us

  • Ah, the inner aches we never let any others see.

  • Mark Graham22 days ago

    Beautiful and you can of float as you read it. Love the French at the end.

  • Cathy holmes22 days ago

    She's a bit of a.diva, it seems. Very nicely done.

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