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Where are you?

A Poem

By Devyn SharelPublished 12 months ago 1 min read
Where are you?
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Where are you?

Where are you in the daytime?

Where are you at night?

Where are you in the dark?

Where are you in the light?

Where are you in my sleeping hour?

Where are you when I’m awake?

Where are you when I’m together?

Where are you when I break?

Where are you when I call?

Where are you when I don’t?

Where are you when I’m in need?

Where are you when I’m in want?

Where. Are. You…?

Copyright 2023

Originally written in 2021

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About the Creator

Devyn Sharel

Devyn Sharel is a fiction writer, poet & Film enthusiast. She enjoys writing fiction romance, drama and other genres that challenge her creative comfort zone.

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  • The Invisible Writer11 months ago

    This was very good.

  • Denelsia Walker12 months ago

    Lovely poem.🌹 Pulls heartstrings. I am energy. I am everywhere at anytime and anyplace. However, for this one moment. I paused here to leave you a comment. Well written scribe! 😍

  • Loryne Andawey12 months ago

    Hiya! Here I am :). That aside, you penned a sweetly heartaching poem.

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