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Who Said?

A poem

By Devyn SharelPublished about a year ago 1 min read
Who Said?
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Who said that we had to take the conventional road given to us?

Society pressures mounted by opinions of antiquated ideas

On what it means to be successful or a failure,

Nightmares driven by the half that see us and guarded by the other

half that dream to be us,

We aren't without our flaws, no,

But tell me just who gets to have the say?

Who tells us that our dreams are too vain,

Or unnecessary, unqualified to make contributions to

The world we live in because it doesn't fit your status quo

But it fits mine like a needle carved into my vein

Giving me the vaccine of life,

That is mine, and only mine,

Mine to live, breathe, move, stretch,

Make mistakes until the day I die.

But it is mine. It is mine to make,

It is mine to break,

It is mine to fix,

If at all,

Because it is mine.

So...just who said?

Or who gets to say?

This volatile land's

Existence isn't for

The faint of heart

But if less was said

It would surely

Make the ride

A hell of a lot easier

To bear.

Well, I say,

Better to ride the avant-garde,

Than the run-of-the-mill highway.

Copyright 2023.

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Devyn Sharel

Devyn Sharel is a fiction writer, poet & Film enthusiast. She enjoys writing fiction romance, drama and other genres that challenge her creative comfort zone.

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  • D. ALEXANDRA PORTER11 months ago

    Powerful insights.

  • Denelsia Walkerabout a year ago


  • Nice ❤️💯

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