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When the End of 2024

a year unbound

By Moharif YuliantoPublished about a month ago 2 min read
When the End of 2024
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The calendar flips, a year unbound,

Two thousand twenty-four, its echoes resound.

But whispers creep, a subtle shift in time,

A sense of ending, a year in its prime.

Nature's Symphony

Did autumn leaves turn a shade more gold?

Did winter's frost a harsher story unfold?

Or was it the wind, in a mournful sigh,

A premonition in the passing sky?

The summer sun, a touch less bright,

Cast shadows longer in fading light.

Did birdsong falter, a melody thinned,

As if the world for closure yearned?

Echoes of Humanity

Perhaps it's the stories, etched in memory's hold,

Of triumphs and losses, battles fought and told.

A year of laughter, a year of tears,

Victories celebrated, and conquered fears.

The headlines blur, a constant, rolling tide,

Of struggles for justice, where hope did reside.

The weight of the world, on weary shoulders borne,

A yearning for change, a new chapter to be sworn.

The Ticking Clock

The clock ticks on, relentless in its pace,

Each second stolen, leaving no trace.

Did deadlines loom closer, a pressure untold?

Were dreams unfulfilled, stories left to fold?

Perhaps it's the silence, the spaces between,

The moments untethered, where thoughts convene.

A year of reflection, of lessons learned and kept,

A chance to mend bridges, before slumber is swept.

Hope's Enduring Flame

But amidst the whispers, a flicker remains,

A spark of defiance, that conquers the pains.

For within endings, new beginnings reside,

A chance for renewal, where dreams can confide.

Did the stars shine brighter, a celestial guide?

Did hearts beat stronger, with purpose inside?

Perhaps it's the spirit, that refuses to wane,

The resilience of humanity, defying the rain.

Embracing the Unknown

The year 2024, a chapter complete,

A canvas painted, a bittersweet feat.

But as the last page turns, a new one unfolds,

A future unwritten, a story untold.

So let us embrace the unknown that lies ahead,

With lessons learned, and a spirit well-fed.

For endings are chapters, in life's grand tome,

And within each closing, a new dawn shall come.

Uncertainties and Possibilities

(Optional additional stanza for 900 words)

The whispers may linger, a shroud of the past,

But in uncertainty, possibilities cast.

Will the year fade with a gentle sigh,

Or erupt in a finale, reaching for the sky?

Only time will tell, the answer unknown,

But as we stand at the precipice, seeds are sown.

For with each ending, a chance to create,

A future we sculpt, a world we dictate.


About the Creator

Moharif Yulianto

a freelance writer and thesis preparation in his country, youtube content creator, facebook

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    Moharif YuliantoWritten by Moharif Yulianto

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