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First and last love

First and last love

By Moharif YuliantoPublished about a month ago 2 min read
First and last love
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Beneath a canvas spun of wisteria's bloom,

Sunlight danced, a kaleidoscope in gloom.

There, in that dappled light, a vision bright,

A boy with brush, his world a canvas white.

Elena, young and shy, a wisp of fifteen,

Stood breathless, caught in a love unseen.

His brow furrowed, a lock of hair astray,

He captured beauty in a world at play.

Their first hello, a blush upon her cheek,

A nervous laugh, a world they longed to speak.

The wisteria's embrace, their secret place,

Whispered dreams and hopes, a tender grace.

Love bloomed like buds beneath the summer sun,

Stolen kisses shared, 'til day was done.

He saw the world in vibrant hues so bold,

His passion's fire, a story to unfold.

Elena, captivated, saw beyond the town,

His artist's eyes, emotions unbound.

Laughter echoed through the twilight hush,

Two souls entwined, a fragile, sweet crush.

Their first fight, a storm on summer's eve,

Teenage angst, misunderstandings grieve.

Words like daggers, tears that freely fell,

The wisteria drooped, a broken spell.

Days of silence, a chasm vast and wide,

Pride held them captive, love cast aside.

But love's embers, though hidden in the night,

Flickered back to life, a beacon burning bright.

A whispered "sorry," a tear-filled, soft embrace,

The wisteria bloomed, a love to replace.

Stronger now, their bond weathered the gale,

The wisteria's witness, a love that wouldn't fail.

Years turned pages, a bittersweet delight,

Graduation's shadow, casting fading light.

City lights beckoned, dreams he held so dear,

An art academy, a future bright and clear.

Elena too, her talents took their flight,

Across the miles, a love to hold them tight.

Letters penned with longing, voices on the line,

A fragile thread, a love that intertwined.

Distance, a serpent, slowly coiled its hold,

New experiences, stories yet untold.

Friendships bloomed, independence took its hold,

The foundation shifted, a love story to unfold.

A lawyer now, in her hometown she stood,

The wisteria bloomed, weathered years of wood.

Beneath its shade, a familiar face,

Age etched its lines, a timeless grace.

Leo, his hair a canvas of silver and grey,

Eyes held the spark of a bygone day.

The reunion awkward, a hesitant embrace,

Memories surfaced, a forgotten space.

Lives lived separate, chapters turned the page,

Success and failures on life's winding stage.

A bittersweet melody, a song of the past,

Haunted moments that couldn't seem to last.

The wisteria whispered of love's fleeting bloom,

A vibrant fire that darkened in the gloom.

Elena realized, beneath the wisteria's sway,

First love was a seed, for growth to find its way.

Two souls divergent, on paths they chose to walk,

The wisteria's witness, a love that wouldn't balk.

A final goodbye, a smile through tear-filled eyes,

A love story ended, beneath the twilight skies.

The wisteria's shadow stretched across the land,

Holding memories close, a love story unplanned.

First and last love, a bittersweet embrace,

A chapter closed, leaving an indelible trace.

For love's not always a happily ever after,

But a journey shared, a memory that will last forever.

A heart touched, a spirit forever free,

The first and last love, beneath the wisteria tree.


About the Creator

Moharif Yulianto

a freelance writer and thesis preparation in his country, youtube content creator, facebook

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    Moharif YuliantoWritten by Moharif Yulianto

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