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Wheelbarrow Wheelbarrow

by C S Hughes 2 months ago in childrens poetry

(A nursery rhyme)

Wheelbarrow wheelbarrow

Ride a red hen

I will have nettles and ginger and when

The sea comes a calling I’ll welcome her in

With a face big as morning

And a shore just as thin

As a fingernail bitten

In a fool’s madhouse grin

Wheelbarrow wheelbarrow

The waves wet my tongue

Salt as a sadness unwound like a spring

Time has his augur

I have a splint

That knits up broken bones

Fell down the hill

Fell right back up again

(Only slightly crooked)

Wheelbarrow wheelbarrow

Awfully thin

Rust holes the bucket the rain coming in

Candle aflicker

The song of the wind

Playing with shadows

Til the sun calls again

Thrown off the armour

You wear like the skin

Of the wolf that you hunted

East west widdershins

Dark night and bright morning

Feathers and fins

childrens poetry

C S Hughes

C S Hughes grew up on the edges of sea glass cities and dust red towns. He has been published online and on paper. His work tends to the lurid, and sometimes to the ludicrous, but seeks beauty in all its ecstasy and artifice.

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C S Hughes
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