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What is beaten down becomes so strong that you can't handle it

by Abel Johnson Thundil about a year ago in surreal poetry
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Written by Abel Johnson Thundil

What is beaten down becomes so strong that you can't handle it
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The musician playing by heart

Still keeps the book open.

The wind through the gap

Shouts for space.

The raped girl

Shouts at a crowd

That pretends not to hear her.


The bow pulled further shoots harder,

The volcano erupting late engulfs more.

The raped girl ignored will demand supremacy over equality.

The wind will blow through the gap

For only so long.

The musician will keep the book

For only so long.

The book will be ignored once confidence is gained.

The gap will disappear once the door falls down.

And then everyone complains;

Everyone shouts

How the musician,

The wind

And feminism

Has ruined things.

A bow pulled long enough will break

And the arrow won't leave it at all.

surreal poetry

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Abel Johnson Thundil

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