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Bright enough

by Abel Johnson Thundil about a year ago in inspirational
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Written by Abel Johnson Thundil

Bright enough
Photo by McKayla Crump on Unsplash

We are

Running taps,

Loudspeakers in sound proof rooms,

Apples thrown away after a single crunch.

We are something

To someone.

A bucket should be placed below the running tap,

The loudspeaker should be taken out,

The apple will be eaten by something non-human.

We are something to someone.

We aren’t spoons without holders,

Hand-less clocks,

Broken bulbs wanting to give off light.

We are neon lights

Shining brightly;

But the light not going far.

We are neon lights

And together we light the bars,




But the light not going far;

Yet bright enough to look good.

Just bright enough

To put a lonely man to sleep

When combined with warm tea,

Cool jazz

And rain outside.

Just bright enough to be beautiful.


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Abel Johnson Thundil

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