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What Did You Expect: A Loki Poem

by Sarah Loyd about a month ago in surreal poetry

A Glorious Purpose

(image owned by Marvel Studios)

Quick Intro: I sometimes write poems or song lyrics (which I only sing in my head) that are inspired by TV shows or movies that I watch. Right now, one of my geeky obsessions is the infamous Marvel villain, Loki. Whether it's the Avengers franchise or the Thor trilogy, that character keeps me glued to the screen. So, of course, I'm a fan of his new series on Disney Plus. Not just because I love the character, but because that show really delved into his psyche. Who is Loki? What makes him tick? Can we ever know for sure who he is or what he wants? I went down that rabbit hole while writing this poem. I hope you guys like it!

Ever since I was a child

I had trouble fitting in

People think that I’m insane

Except my mother, she’s a saint


I’ve been lied to my whole life

So what’s the point of being nice

I’m gonna take the crown tonight

It’s about time to start a fight


What did you expect

You should’ve known that I’d explode

Daddy’s little kid is not

A little kid no more


I can burn the world

Being good is such a bore

Get out of the way

I’m gonna blow


Oh shit, I think I’ve gone too far

Now everyone is scared of me

Even my whole family

Can’t look me in eye, you see


I thought I had control of my

Ambitions and my destiny

But really I am dead inside

Oh god, even I’m afraid of me


What did you expect

You should’ve known that I would crack

Everyone is gunning for me

They’re on the attack


I deserve what’s coming to me

Karma is a bitch

Get out of the way

It’s time to die


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