We Are the World

by Ecarg Nosive about a year ago in nature poetry

Wake up.

We Are the World

This water has traveled farther than me,

Has existed longer than me,

Is more tired than me,


It keeps on pushing its waves at me

Like it’s trying to say something

Is it possible for the earth to sing all the answers of life & sin?

All the questions that have never been?

Do the trees give us knowledge with our oxygen?

Is the wind in a hurry because the universe wants us to know we’re not pretend?

Or that we are, and we need to wake up for things to make sense?

Is the meaning of life right in front of us?

Knocking on our skulls with every headache

Yelling as disastrous earthquakes

Wake up and listen to the stars it says

Wake up and listen to who you are

Listen to the smiles that last a little longer

Listen to the atmosphere and to what you ponder

Set your eyes on the sky as it dies into the horizon

We are the world?

Cross over the line then

nature poetry
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Ecarg Nosive

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