We All Find Someone

No Matter How Long It Takes

We All Find Someone

I’m drowning

In the silence I speak

The smile i put on display

The loneliness

The regret of it all

Wishing I could let go of it all

But I’m hiding

It’s better this way

Easier this way

Why cause more trouble

I’ll be gone in a year or so

At least for most of the day

A little less lonely

Is it bad to not like your family sometimes

I hope not because there’s a lot going on

It makes me wonder if they see me as a brat

I’m not

I’m just misunderstood trying to be understood

And they would never

family’s blood deep they say

But friends run soul deep the good ones anyway

But I’ll be gone in a year or so

I’ll be with the one who understand

Because they know how to like

No one ever could

sad poetry
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