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And Its Accoutrements


Can't you see

They brainwashed you

How long

Have you allowed yourself

To be inundated

With their propaganda

They tell you

You're fighting for a cause

For your country

For the greater good

For peace

What they don't tell you

Is you have to cut down







And everyone

On enemy soil

They don't discriminate

Everyone must die

And you, soldier

Will do the killing

Do they tell you

That the bomb your dropping

Creates refugees

That flock to your own homeland

Seeking aid

Do they tell you that they create

The ever-revolving door of war

With this system

Do they tell you that the

Man you just killed

Was an orphan of war

And that in killing him

You just created another

Do they tell you

That peace can't be manufactured

And they know that

Do they tell you

That war

Is good business

And it's all about the money

Do they even tell you

What we're really fighting for

It's not resources

It's not peace

It's not for any fabled greater good

It's to keep us oppressed

To keep us in fear

Don't you know how easy it is

To control a populace in fear

And you are the frontline

Of their agenda

You were brainwashed first

And you are now forced

To brainwash the rest of us

With your bravery

Your service

Your sacrifice

But when you don't die

Fighting for your country

When you're not an empty name

On a cold piece of marble

You're discarded

Just like the piece of trash

Your brainwashers truly saw you as

Come on home, soldier

To an absent welcome committee

Who sees you as nothing

But a broken statue

And when you come home

No longer able

To fight any wars

Shattered, doing what they said

Would glorify you

You'll see

That you were never

Anything more than a pawn

In their twisted game

Of money and power

War is their game

And we are all

Just their movable pieces

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