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Void: Inner Battle

We becomes I - a separation of inner child, inner self, and me

By SouluminosityPublished 24 days ago Updated 24 days ago 1 min read
Void: Inner Battle
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"Did we ever find someone to love us so deeply that the pain ingrained in our veins seemed to disintegrate?"

"We've found caterpillar love, hoping it would spread its wings, but it never did. Now we sit with ourselves at the dinner table wondering if we'll ever capture our monarch. Twirling our spaghetti, wishing butterflies were filling our stomachs instead of pounds of pasta"

"So we're still searching?"


"So we're still fighting to fill the void?"


"So we're still trying?"

"I suppose"

"We're still fighting. We haven't given up yet. No flap of wings will ever overshadow our resilience. No void is big enough to conquer our strength. After all these years with gargantuan downfalls, you sit at a table with two legs, two arms, and a heart still beating. I am perplexed by your implicit dissatisfaction. After hurdles that should have broken you, here you are, here we are, still intact. Still fighting."

"The brokenness is internal. I feel my shattered ribs stabbing at my heart every night. I can't stop my tired eyes from weeping. Something deep inside me has splintered"

"I need you to hear me. Remember how we felt not being heard? Why are you perpetuating the cycle? I need you to hear me. My voice won't stop gliding over your eardrums until you do. I will keep weeping until you wipe my tears with understanding fingertips. I will keep splintering until you realize you can use these shards for art, these broken ribs as compost for our garden. Until you realize the void you feel is nothing more than a portal of creation or destruction. Until you realize that the choice is yours. It always has been."

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