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When honey begs

By SouluminosityPublished 25 days ago 1 min read
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"When you saw the honey dripping from my lips, why didn't you tell me the sweetness beckoned yours?"

"Fear settled deep in my heart, so much so, that my mouth tasted putrid. I couldn't bear the thought of tainting your candied tongue with my rancid jaw"

"Your words have pierced through me-"

"Exactly as expected"

"-like a kid's squiggly scissors, you didn't leave a wound, just fun new patterns to explore. You open my world, you're my atlas. Mold hasn't grown between your teeth, what you're tasting is denial. Denial is the slimy part of my stickiness. My honey is acceptance. Something irrestistably sweet, the golden ticket, are you going to make me beg?"

"I will taint you"

"You won't"

"Maybe the future holds my liberation, but today, the terror of turning something so sweet into something so sour, just by existing near it, has turned my heart cold"

"Let me warm it with my passion"

"You can't"

"I can. I can melt all the corners of this ice land, blow smoke on the frigid rungs of your throat, so maybe the truth of this can dissolve, and you can speak it into the atmosphere, and our tongues can mingle as they should, guiltlessly"

"Maybe some things are better frozen. Please do not thaw the darkest parts of me and try to love them so fiercely that they become a part of you too. Please do not sacrifice your ebullient spirit for one that is so heavily weary"

"What makes your mind believe two things cannot exist at the same time? Healing the hurt, and planting a garden of new love?"

"Because, beloved, this hurt can not be healed. You will spend eternity trying to heal me, and eventually your garden will wither, and you'll need to be healed too. I am too dangerous for your love. I will never be a rose without thorns. And I will not hurt you. I'm sorry."

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    SouluminosityWritten by Souluminosity

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