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Where's my head been?


By SouluminosityPublished about a month ago 1 min read
From The Huntington Gardens in Pasadena

Where's my head been? Here.

Wallowing in mulch underneath a scorching sun, disconnected, searching for a dream to induldge in, and, if our dreams are just memories, searching for the constellation of hopeful echos I lost somewhere in the astral realm, I can only hope they found joy in their departure, maybe I'll find that too.

Where's my head been? Here.

Resting from the maze of trees and scattered footprints, letting my tepid tears water the soil, planting my cheek somewhere past the daisies, 6 feet under never felt so nice. Somewhere in this rebirth I'll find the answers I seek, because if it's true that what I seek is seeking me, then I find comfort knowing I am something's misplaced puzzle piece, that as disconnected as I feel, there is connection truding through the sticky gravel to find me too.

Where's my head been? Here.

Wondering how quickly I had to fall to become so fragmented, wondering why my body feels so distant and if it's happier without my dictator of a head, maybe the clock still ticks because there is still time to mend the two, maybe the reward is in the mystery, I've always liked a challenge.

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    SouluminosityWritten by Souluminosity

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