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Victim of Self Destruction

Who Needs Enemies?

By Annie Edwards Published 5 months ago 1 min read
Victim of Self Destruction
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Who needs enemies when I can’t even be my own friend?

Known for the grace I extend to others, but for myself I will not bend.

To others, I’m a provider of enlightenment and hope.

Meanwhile, I’m desperately dangling from a worn and tattered rope.

My pleas for help seem to go unheard,

leaving me feeling hopeless and deterred.

I am the victim and the perpetrator .

I need my own facilitator.

Simultaneously playing both of those roles

will ultimately take a destructive toll…

I’ve become an unconscious prisoner of my own tormented brain;

an agonizingly chaotic emptiness that would make anyone feel insane.

So again I beg. Again i plea.

“Please. Will SOMEBODY help me?”

Again, I scream. Again i shout.

“I must escape. I must get out.”

But the truth doesn’t care how you feel.

Its only concern is with what is objectively real.

And the truth is, I have a destructive addiction;

most of my pain is a product of my own self infliction.

Who needs enemies when I can’t be my own friend?

It looks like I have a relationship to mend..

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Comments (1)

  • Manisha Dhalani5 months ago

    A feeling I completely resonate with. "Meanwhile, I’m desperately dangling from a worn and tattered rope." - such a simple, but a cut-deep type of line. Lovely poetry!

Annie Edwards Written by Annie Edwards

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