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Use Protection

by Yona Vaughan 5 months ago in inspirational

By Yona Vaughan

Use Protection 


You're not getting me today!

You dismayed workers of negativity

attempting to slay positive thoughts

with an array of negative onslaughts.


You won't make me distraught because

I bought something I know will make the good

vibes flow. I'm having a bowl of Positive O's!!


Guaranteed to show those who sow seeds of discord,

that their swords must yield to the positive power

of its force field.

Every spoonful creates a shield, that you'll feel,

as it protects against the media and

people that project neglect in connecting

to positive prospects.


Negative people try to inject venom

or beat down those with inverted frowns.

Don't let them get you down!

Drown some Positive O's in a bowl and

shove it into your smiling word hole.

Excerpt From

Eat Your Spinach

By Yona Vaughan

Yona Vaughan
Yona Vaughan
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Yona Vaughan
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