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The Brave Bunch

by Yona Vaughan 7 months ago in social commentary

From The Depth of Underwear Bottoms

The Brave Bunch 


Thank you to those who chose the courage to love, who 

they wanted, in a world filled with taunts and ridicule

from cruel people threatened by anyone different than



These couples represented change in a world with no

range for acceptance. And took stances of defiance against 

those who tried to dictate who they may have and hold. 


Many scolded their unions as unnatural. But what is more 

natural than love? 


It carried them above the hate that tried to bring them low. 

And showed the world, it can hurl insults and make life

difficult. But that will not stop progress. 


It never rests and is always moving with people choosing 

who they want to ride with. Even if, others don't side

with decisions that are none of their business.


More progress is needed. But thank you to those who

seeded the growth many benefit from today. Their days 

yielded rough rides, unshielded from the brunt of a

stunted world. Yet, they still rode with courage together.

Excerpt From

The Depth of Underwear Bottoms

By Yona Vaughan

social commentary

Yona Vaughan

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Yona Vaughan
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