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Uncharted Waters

Exploring the Depths of the Unknown

By Miracle PhronesisPublished 8 months ago 1 min read
Uncharted Waters
Photo by Laura Lefurgey-Smith on Unsplash

The sea before me stretches wide,

A world of possibility and pride.

The waves call out, a siren's song,

Inviting me to come along.

But fear grips me, deep inside,

As I contemplate the endless tide.

What dangers lurk beneath the foam?

What secrets lie in the unknown?

Yet still, I feel the pull of fate,

A longing I cannot abate.

And so I set out on this quest,

To discover what lies ahead.

The winds of change may guide my way,

Or lead me to a watery grave.

But even if I do not find,

The answers that elude my mind,

I'll take comfort in the fact,

That I dared to face the unknown, intact.

For in these uncharted waters,

I'll find the courage to go farther.

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Miracle Phronesis

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