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too much

By Mackenzie DavisPublished 28 days ago Updated 26 days ago 1 min read
Photo by Pylyp Sukhenko on Unsplash

All this…life


claws from the


Easy to burn.


From the east—

gasping, groaning


Is this eternity, a


jail of

kinetic, ever-






outside it.

Poised for





to darkness, to

ultraviolet scorching…




When does turbulence cease, many

xeniums to God make right

your existence, mine?


Zoar is in the liminal.





  • Halcyon: calm, peaceful, tranquil.
  • Kinetic: relating to motion.
  • Quotidian: daily, common, ordinary.
  • Xenium: gift or offering. (Not sure if the plural form is entirely acceptable. But it worked.)
  • Zoar: the town Lot was directed by God to take refuge in in Genesis. The Hebrew for this word is derivative of a verb that means "to be small or insignificant." However as a noun, it refers to a place of "smallness." Used here, I was imagining "refuge" but "insignificant" also works as an interpretation of "smallness." (Thank you to Randy J.K. for pointing out the additional definitions of this word.)


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Mackenzie Davis

“When you are describing a shape, or sound, or tint, don’t state the matter plainly, but put it in a hint. And learn to look at all things with a sort of mental squint.” Lewis Carroll

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  • Liam Storm24 days ago

    Amazing read! A great submission to the Abecedarian challenge. If you get the chance to check my submission out I would greatly appreciate it!

  • Alexander McEvoy25 days ago

    I love when you include the list of definitions for the new words, Mackenzie! They let me reread the poem and get a fuller appreciation for it!

  • So well done with this! And I appreciate the definitions at the bottom haha. But this created such visuals right off the bat with the claws from the dirt. Loved the flow of this, such an excellent read!

  • Poppy 27 days ago

    This is gorgeous. It leaves the reader wanting more in the best way possible. I love the word halcyon!! I only recently discovered it and it might be a new favourite! “Vanish.” Being one line and one complete stanza was so impactful. Like all other forms of poetry, you’re a master at abecedarians!!

  • Zoar also means insignificant. That sanctuary is to be found in the liminal, those spaces others deem insignificant, is powerfully meaningful.

  • Xenium and zoar blew my mind! My favourite line was ultraviolet scorching. Loved your Abecedarian so much!

  • Harbor Benassa27 days ago

    I have learned so many new words that start with X and Z from the abecedarians coming out lately! Reading this felt like sitting in a white room in the best way.

  • Joe O’Connor28 days ago

    There is such a clear feeling of being unsettled, and the rawness of some of the words makes it powerfully so! Great questions to make the reader think.

  • Teresa Renton28 days ago

    There are so many scenarios this could sit against, it’s sad. Lovely word choices and creative solutions to the q, x, and z challenges 😉🥰

  • Paul Stewart28 days ago

    Oh well bloody done, pal! Awesome entry from you. Turbulence is a good word, as Hannah noted. Love how you've distilled so much in so few words. Brevity at its masterful best!

  • The glossary is a well-appreciated addition. Good work! Deserves so many reads!

  • Hannah Moore28 days ago

    Turbulence. Yes, such a good word for this experience we are all having. I do, I spend my time waiting for turbulance to cease, even while I wobble about.

  • E.K. Daniels28 days ago

    Love this! Very creative. Also love the inclusion of a glossary. Clever!

  • Ashley Lima28 days ago

    Amazing vocabulary, particularly the use of halcyon! Really powerful word, really powerful poem. Awesome entry :)

  • D. J. Reddall28 days ago

    Decisively indecisive.

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