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Twin Flame

Wrinkle in Time

By ITS YOUR DESTINY Published 3 months ago 1 min read

My Ace, my Soulmate, My twin flame.

To be loved.
That's all I ever wanted, loved properly, equally.
To pray together.
Laugh together.
To be kissed softly.
To hold my hand & encourage me to pursue my dreams, & not cast doubts on my hopes that it will never be.

Buy me flowers.
Love my silly moments, listen to my rants.
Loyalty to one another.
To know each other's emotions, without uttering a word.
Honesty of ourselves, Faith in our abilities.

I wonder, how many times we have met before? What vessels did we embody? Like DeJa'Vu my hand in yours, we just sync. What test and trails did we triumph over, time and time again. Did you have to fight for my love, or did I just fall gracefully into your arms, longing for your touch, your scent?

It's a Grand Shift in the atmosphere, I thank God in advance.

Earth truly doesn't have anything; I Could give you to express my love.
My gratefulness.
My gratitude, for the type of divine being you are.
Your kindness.
Your observance.
Your selflessness.
For your patience and understanding.
Your gift of real love!

Yet if there be anything material you desire, I will provide!

Plant me a tree and I will pray for your waterfall. Re-create you as a star and I will fly to the moon to be near, where you are. You are the treasure to the map, the key to my lock.

Memories may fade, but the knowing, the sensation remains.

Find me again my love, through out every wrinkle in time.

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Welcome to my Safe Space, I hope you enjoy the words that flow from my heart and mind.

Thank you for your Love, & Stay Connected on All Other Platforms @ItsYourDestinyTv

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  • Jae Grigsby3 months ago


  • Awww, this was so sweet and lovely! Such a wonderful poem!

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