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Transient Serenity

A Free Poem

By Reynol BrennanPublished 5 months ago 1 min read

Amidst the chaos of life's ceaseless flow,

We seek a moment of peace to know.

A respite from the tumult and noise,

A space to breathe, to find our poise.

In the stillness of a morning dew,

Or the rustling of leaves beneath our shoes,

We find a fleeting glimmer of hope,

A tranquil space in which to cope.

The world may spin with reckless haste,

But we can find refuge in this place.

A sanctuary of the mind and soul,

Where we can heal, rejuvenate, and grow.

And in these moments of solitude,

We realize that life's journey is not just about magnitude.

For the small things we do, the gentle acts of love,

Can create ripples of change, like a soaring dove.

Through a simple smile or a kind word,

We can transform the world, by joining hands with our herd.

A gentle nudge, a helping hand,

Can create harmony throughout the land.

So let us cherish these moments of peace,

These fleeting gifts that grant release.

And let us carry this peace within our hearts,

Spreading it to others, in all their diverse parts.

For though life may whisk us on its currents wild,

Our brief moments of serenity are worth the while.

For in them we find a balm for our souls,

A healing touch that makes us whole.

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About the Creator

Reynol Brennan

A small blogger who shares emotions, life, life insights, and short stories, and provides everyone with happiness, growth, and common sense of life.

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