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Today You Were Not Here

by Call Me Les 7 days ago in sad poetry · updated 7 days ago

Flying through a storm.

I thought I knew just what you did,

To keep me safe from hate,

To make the waters calm,

A never ending clean slate.


But today you were not here.


They came to my home;

I asked them to leave.

I knew it would end badly;

I'm still trying to grieve.


If it had been you,

You'd have told me to stay back,

Stay out of the fray;

You had the strength I lack.


But you were not here.


His threats hit fertile soil,

From the seed sprang a story.

Though I was transparent,

He still earned his glory.


Because you were not here.


I can carry on without you.

As I did before.

But something has changed,

Deep in my core.


I'm a bird not a shepherd.

I'm not meant to guide.

I want to fly freely.

You made it safe not to hide.


But you are not here.


Today I wish I wasn't either.


sad poetry

Call Me Les

Keepin' it real since 1987 with 3 cats, a tiny apartment and too many words in my head. Admin at the Vocal Social Society. Find me here.

No words left unspoken. In memory of Tom Bradbury.

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Call Me Les
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