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To the Sea

Teetering on Love

By Kaitlin OsterPublished 3 years ago 1 min read

We build our homes by the water

Teetering tip-toed over the edge

To see the view -

To see the sunrise -

To feel the sea kiss us -

To grow old near the pulse of the earth.

And watch her cut into our perch.

We risk falling,



Home is balanced in a place where oblivion and peace are blurred.

We give our hearts to love, to the sea

knowing we may She may drag us to ruin

And hoping we die before she does.

We hope our shelters crumble, too, and we take them with us

into the foam, to carry our homes in love.

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About the Creator

Kaitlin Oster

Professional writer.

Owner - Shadow Work Consulting, LLC

David Lynch MFA Program for Screenwriting with MIU, graduation 2023

Writing collaboration or work, speaking engagements, interviews - [email protected]

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    Kaitlin OsterWritten by Kaitlin Oster

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